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Don't Spend My First Skill Point#997

Don’t spend my first skill point for me. The level 1 pre-assigned skill point is a gut punch. Especially because you get level 2 a second later. Just give 2 points at level 2.

8 months ago


8 months ago

This! So much this!!!

8 months ago

Don’t spend my first skill point, not one.

8 months ago

I also dislike this, especially with the cost to spec that point out is say you want to go with the other tree, like a melee forged you are stuck with a wasted point in that cannon ability or to waste one of the uber rare resectacles to ditch it.

8 months ago

Yes and also dont force us to use the point ever if that was gonna be the next line of code to mess up

7 months ago

100% promised that your first respectacle is getting rid of the one skill you don’t use lol. upvoted and wonder why its even an issue.

6 months ago

I mean don’t you earn a respecticle level 5? This seems taken care of

3 months ago