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Instances reset too often.#827


Several times now, I have portalled to my fort, done a bunch of crafting and then when I portal back the instance has been reset and I am returned to the beginning of the instance.

As long as a personal portal is open to an instance it shouldn’t reset. This is particularly annoying when you’ve beaten a boss, inventory is full so you portal out and then when you come back you lose the loot.

4 months ago
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Feedback Under Review
4 months ago
Changed the title from "Instance Reset & Portals" to "Instances reset too often."
2 months ago

Is there an official reset timer? It does seem to be very random. Like sometimes an immediate leave and return, or sometimes it seems to require zoning out of a base map to make the dungeons reset.

2 months ago
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2 months ago
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2 months ago
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12 days ago