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Crafting Respectacles#647

Would like to be able to craft respectacles for maybe legendary essence. Would help in changing builds later in the game.

a year ago

I would still prefer to have the system changed so you can either respec fully or remove all points from a skill with a single respec point but I support all ideas that would allow more freedom when it comes to respeccing a character.

a year ago

being able to craft respectables would be a better idea than having them drop randomly. if they drop randomly it is purely luck based, and it is a different experience per player. the level of difficulty in crafting could be up for determination so it’s not seen as “too easy” - but why make respeccing based purely on your luck? that has nothing to do with difficulty; if you grind and put the same amount of time into the game, it shouldn’t be RNG that decides why another player gets to say “oh i get all kinds of respectables, it’s fine.”

a year ago

I’m late to this suggestion, but I feel pretty strongly about this one. It feels so bad to want to backpedal on your character, that it feels more worth it to just reroll at a certain point. That just makes it feel even worse now that you have to do it all over again, because you wanted to try a skill or two and didn’t like them.

9 months ago

from what i’ve read they don’t drop randomlly anymore which makes it even more frustrating to obtain. RESPEC should always be an option regardless of whether you use it or not, people want to change it up and should not be punished for wanting to.

9 months ago

I don’t mind the respec system locked by an item (respectacles), but they should be more common, either as a drop from all monsters (higher from bosses/legendaries/uniques), able to buy for some amount of gold or crafted.

Problem is while leveling an character, your end game build is most likley totally different from what you’re leveling with. Also, just to be able to try out different builds, and not just one skill without all the other supports, this would take a large amount of (as of now) not very common items to make it happen.

7 months ago
Changed the status to
6 months ago

You can now buy Respectacles from vendors for Gold. We feel this fills the void for those who wanted to gain additional ones outside of combat.

6 months ago