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Subtitles for cinematics, lore objects, voice lines, etc.#621

Subtitels for cinematics would be a great addition for users who do not speak english or have hearing issues.

5 months ago

Having a deaf daughter and her deaf boyfriend that live here, I completely agree. They love playing games with us but without captions it is very hard for them to get the same enjoyment.

4 months ago
Merged Subtitles for voice lines and lore objects#52
3 months ago
Changed the title from "Subtitles for cinematics" to "Subtitles for cinematics, lore objects, voice lines, etc."
3 months ago

I wonder why it’s not in the game in the first place…

24 days ago

This would be fantastic, I’ve sadly missed a lot of lore and world building due to lack of subtitles. Would be really appreciated

8 days ago

we need for french language too !!

4 days ago