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Effects of "+X% bonus damage to basic attack" in weapons/focuses doesn't work.#3989

Effects of “+X% bonus damage to basic attack” in weapons/focuses doesn’t work.

You can see pictures in follows.

I got a weapon with 4425 damage.
In ridiculous, monsters (including target dummy) only got 45% damage.

And you can see that with two “+X% bonus damage to basic attack” weapon and focus, the Y%dph of basic attack of hammer is still 150%.

When attacking the dummy, it got 2987 damage, which is computed from 442545%150%=2986.875.

11 days ago

This has been like this since launch where only weapons specified increase like “mace” basic attack or great weapon etc. The basic attack on relic skill needs to be looked at for the entirety of basic attacks dmg and speeds.

Note: basic attack speed is capped at 60%

Can I also suggest that we change this relic skill (like shocking force on electrode) and class specific skills to apply to all weapon types, example where only mace or digitus can be used in which if you are using a sharpshooter explosive arrow tier 3 & scattershot tier 2 will be for ranged basic attacks meaning that the relic skill becomes useless/restricting, it should be for which ever weapon you decide to go with which provides the playerbase more customisation for character building. Could be the case where we are just forced into either using those 2 weapons to get the triple zap or do ranged for dmg but no zap. Also note that zap is uselss if it does apply to range weapons, should be chain lightning to actually hit enemies at distance and not just in front of the melee range.

11 days ago
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6 days ago