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potion count displays incorrectly from what is in inventory#3628

Currently i have 2 potions in my invetory. It says I have 6 on my toolbar. (See Images)

I think it has to do with running out of a specific type of potion. It switched from the poison potion to the lightning potion. Then the count was changed.

Normally not that big of a bug, but I am playing hardcore. So I need to know when my potions are about to run out.

8 months ago

After picking up a potion, the potion count displayed 99, but my character had only 12 potions in their posession
The next time a potion was used, the hotbar displayed the correct potion count, 11.

This occurred on December 2, at around 2:57 UTC.

7 months ago
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6 months ago