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Bosses not spawning in Fazeer/Mapworks.#3455

Everytime this end platform comes up as a challenge the boss never spawns

a month ago
Changed the title from "Zyxox still won't spawn at the end of the Challenge" to "Bosses not spawning in Fazeer/Mapworks."
18 days ago
Merged Stuck at a boss level#3590
18 days ago
Merged Boss not spawning#3390
18 days ago
Merged Boss not spawning (always the same map)#3170
18 days ago
Merged boss not spawning#3149
18 days ago
Merged Gundaddy's AI still seems to be broken#2814
18 days ago
Merged b'hemau wont spawn#2982
18 days ago
Merged window of detiny must be closed#2661
17 days ago
Merged Electric Widow did not spawn#3169
16 days ago

not spawning 2 times in a row

15 days ago

same here no boss spawn

6 days ago