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Frost Blast - rapid fire causes relic energy to deplete too fast#3378

see the video in this link:

Rapid fire takes 25 energy to cast. I should get 4 casts on full relic energy. I only got 2.

I was also using egg of mayhem. Without egg of mayhem it still has a weird issue with the relic energy being removed too quickly.

a month ago
Changed the status to
Bug Needs More Info
a month ago

@Echtra_Spicy what else do you need? I can reproduce it with all relics. All of the skills that cost 25 relic energy, when you spam them, it will double cast them and not always produce an attack. The weird part is that the game sometimes fixes it and I will cast it and then my relic energy will jump back up 25 relic energy.

You can ignore my original comment requiring egg of mayhem.


  1. Get your relic energy bar to maximum
  2. Hit the hotkey for your relic skill over and over, My latest attempt is with “Spinning Blade”.
    — at some point you will see that it depletes the bar with twice the energy cost and you only get 1 cast.
  3. Repeat that process. It is bound to happen.
17 days ago

I am actually having trouble reproducing it with Spinning Blade at the moment. But the original video definitely shows it happening with frost blast. I cannot test with that skill again because my character has changed and I died on a different hardcore character. The easiest two skills to reproduce with were chaotic strikes and frost blast.

17 days ago