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Train Cars Disappeared after Respec#3372

Level 23 Railmaster, playing in the second act on Xbox One X. Used the Railmaster’s Workshop station for the first time to refund and reallocate several skill points. Afterwards, when I summon the train, its mortar and shotgonne cars no longer appear, despite having points invested in those skills. The actual underlying platforms for the cars are still visible, but the turrets are missing, as though the points are not invested to enable them.

Restart of the Xbox One X does not resolve this issue.

My current points allocation for the Conductor skill tree is as follows:
Build Train = 2 pts
Mortar Car = 2 pts
Shotgonne Car = 2 pts
Shocking Rounds = 2 pts
Shield Car, Flamethrower Car, & Ghost Train = 0 pts

a month ago

Did some fiddling & realized the skill respec may have been a coincidence. I also changed the loadout for my Active Skills afterward, and during that process I removed the Active Skills for the mortar and shotgonne cars from my Active Skills bar. I rarely used the active skills for the cars, instead relying on their passive fire modes, so I thought I’d free up some space for Active Skills I used more often. Guess I assumed the train cars would still appear and do their passive thing even without the Active Skills being slotted.

After I put the Active Skills for those cars back in my loadout, the cars reappeared. Issue resolved. Though I must say, being able to use the cars purely in passive mode without having the Active Skills slotted would be a nice feature.

a month ago
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a month ago
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Bug Reported
18 days ago