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Single player should have pause functionality#335

Real life interruptions being what they are, single player mode should have the capacity to pause to allow one to attend to whatever the RL circumstance may be. While one might portal back to one’s fort or a town to “pseudo-pause,” it should be possible to actually pause single player gameplay when in a mapworks or combat for those unexpected issues that may arise.

5 months ago

I agree. The offline character might be like that. And I would like to test offline mode in the beta.

5 months ago
Merged Game needs a pause button#1975
3 months ago

Pause and manual save for offline please.

24 days ago

+1 to pause and manual save for offline

24 days ago

My wife and I bought the game (seperate accounts) so we could play it single player without interacting with eachother. i play the game different than her. but BOTH of us REALLY want pause functionality in single player. its the only mode we will play and we kinda look at this feature as one of the reasons we prefer single player and we were so happy when yall announced a single player mode. we wernt going to be able to play this game without it.

14 days ago

Pause whilst online too for that matter, Diablo 3 anyone? It can be done.

13 days ago

I agree, the game should pause when hitting esc or at least have a pause button.

a day ago