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Pet disappears randomly.#3224


The pet companion doesn’t return for a long period of time even after send timer is up.

a month ago
Merged Pet issues#3365
23 days ago
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23 days ago
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23 days ago
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23 days ago
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23 days ago
18 days ago
Changed the title from "Pet Disappearance" to "Pet disappears randomly."
18 days ago
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18 days ago
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Bug Needs More Info
18 days ago

When i go to my own castlle with portal, and i go back to somwhere i comming from, my pet vanish. I’ve to die or disconnect to make my pet with me

15 days ago

Pets and or train sometimes not spawning on area transition, typically dwarven voltura areas.
No option to manually dismiss/spawn so must choose different area to have pet bug repeats on zone reset.

15 days ago

Pet dissappear after entering through portal. I’ve been looking around on the web and it seems this bug happens a lot! Why isn’t it fixed? I’ve played TL and TL2 but TL3 is not what I expected…

12 days ago

Switch version here.

Pet gone almost every time I enter fort and leave it. Happens frequently when using waypoint to teleport to anywhere. I purposely avoid fast travel for this reason when possible.

The only way I can resolve this in-game is to go swap and retrieve the pet.

Also, every time loading in from character select, pet skills are reset to default (1 pre-chosen skill on customized 4-skill capable pet)

3 days ago