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Rebuild & Expand - Fort Possibilities#3125

It would be an absolute delight if we could restore our forts using the materials we gather & process (iron bars, planks, bricks), perhaps even adding more smaller parts to process like woodwork, nails, tools, etc.

Perhaps starting with rebuilding the gates, then walls & build our way up to the center keep & maybe even restore that & make it’s interior acessable.

There’s water above the fort where perhaps we could expand & build a dock where we could fish if fishing gets added, build boats to go on fishing, or perhaps a treasure hunt where you might find squat, swag or even a boss go fight for rare decorations & special gear!

We could upgrade our decoration cap by instancing parts of the fort by constructing buildings with zoned interiors!

Perhaps we could expand into the Forest & if things like clans/guilds are added we could build villages adjacent to the fort where members could build houses & have portals to their forts inside of them.

Mines, training grounds, more production facilities to maybe produce gear attachments to furthur customize playstyles, arcana altars for maybe transmogrification purposes.

In my eyes, the forts brings with them a pletora of possibilties for content pre & post max level!

13 days ago