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Light Spear Cooldown bugs#3122

Light Spear’s cooldown will randomly stop counting down and will be stuck at 10 or 5 seconds. This is fixed when you go into a loading screen.

13 days ago

Its happening with me too. actually i got 2 problem with the CD’s
1-Light Spear’s CD Just freeze, (its already hapenned with 10, 5 and 2.5 sec). only way to unfreeze is going to another map.
2-Light Spear’s Tier_3_Bonus(Trown a adicional Dark Spear in Harmonic Form) cause a minimun CD even if i has charges left(It say i dont have spears on my screen when it aparently is back, need to wait still more seconds)

Obs: the bug 1 “usually” happen to me when i spam the skill when the problem in bug 2 happens…
well, pls fix

13 days ago

Same thing just happened with mine, stuck at 5 seconds. Apparently its not fixed yet

Online Mode
MapWorks EndlessDungeon_Affix_Health;EndlessDungeon;EndlessDungeon_Affix_Dividing;EndlessDungeon_Affix_BerserkerPet_Rare;EndlessDungeon_SharedChanges 57 -590646142
Instance: gob_cemetery_40x40_01 gob_cemetery_40x40_04
TeleportPlayer 13731.00, 6132.00, 150.00
yaw: -4.519deg
Monster level range: Level: 57
Area Dungeon: DungeonChallengeMagic 12 -863792753
Build:99728 Content:99728 Server:99728 Env:tl3 Release:none
AccountID: archegos (cada9397-0f03-11eb-a0a3-9aa76c67b03c)
Platform: Steam (76561198127676889)
SessionID: 67c21a63-3251-44df-bf32-b3c5f0c707bd
CharacterID: bb5a9d47-0f3c-11eb-8342-e68c4b3dc5b0
CharacterName: Argoose
CharacterLevel: 57.0 - Hard - Softcore
Player Dungeon: Playing Magic 12 - seed -863792753 (highest: 11)
PartyID: edd51f27-8b86-4375-9e02-deec04a9ade7
Connection: Open:, ZID: 9f8e37ea00003fdd
139s world time
66ms ping
Language: en, Region: us-east

a day ago