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Unable to recover my luck tree after fort wipe bug.#3121

I encountered the blank fort bug, I suspect this bug happeed when sacrificing to my luck tree with different characters in singly player, I eventually got my tree to +4, I logged off my RM main to delete my dusk mage then created a Sharpshooter. My new character generated no problem, at about level 2, I was able to access my fort early. I sacrificed items to my luck tree and got a pop-up. I forgot what the error message said, I switched back to my RM character and my fort is completely blank, all items are missing. I swapped back to my Sharpshooter and continued to play, the quest to get a seed for the Luck Tree never appeared, its as if the game thinks I completed the quest already so I cannot regrow the luck tree on my account since a bug may have revoked any way for me to grow another luck tree.I was looking forward to using that feature but now its unavailable to me. The weird part about my fort resetting is that the luck tree is the only inaccessible item as a result of this bug.

13 days ago

I’m trying to scour my memory, I vaguely remember the error being that the tree was already in use, with my sharpshooter sacrificing gear

I suspect that deleting my Duskmage deleted any related fort data linked to the mage causing fort items to also delete

-Both my RM and DM did the lucky seed mission which may have locked other characters out of the Lucky Seed mission locking my Sharpshooter out of obtaining the Lucky Seed mission after the Tree got deleted with my character

  • My other theory could possibly signning out and deleting the Dusk Mage character while the item sacrifice was possibly still processing.
  • I think I logged the Dusk mage out from inside the fort prior to deltion
  • I placed the shield of the first boss as a fort item with my DM but that can be unrelated.

  • PS4 has no error log so I have no way to record what exactly caused it to happen unfortunately. Are all single player characters linked to the same instance even if one character is deleted?

Thank you! I am optimistic to the resolution of this and the fix will be much appreciated!

12 days ago