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Bows to get auto attack bonus from coldheart or bane tree#3116

I notice that only rifles and pistols get the bonus for auto attacks in the coldheart tree. Also only staffs gain the bonus in the bane tree. I feel it would be amazing for sharpshooters if bane buffed bows or if at least coldheart did.

I feel bane would be best though

13 days ago

bows are a class weapon and all class weapons work with all relics. Make a sharpshooter with cold heart and check the in game skill description and you can see this for yourself. The character creation relic screen is missing this information.

13 days ago

Holy thats so good. But isnt the mage glove for dusk mage unique and it states in the electric tree it buffs that?

If it works then this sgould just be change the tooltip to say so 😂

Ill give it ago thank you so much

13 days ago

Yes, the “Digitus” is the Dusk Mage class weapon. I’ve never seen it show up on the character creation screen on any of the relics, but once you’ve created a character, you should see its class weapon listed on any relic skill that requires a specific weapon type.

13 days ago

You guys are %100 right

Apologies for the thread. Should just be changed to make it more clear i guess

My poison archer is gonna rock!

13 days ago