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Snecko Stick is Awful#3111

Snecko Stick is a really bad legendary item. Because of the anti-shotgunning and that it does not perform an actual staff basic attack, a monster can only take one hit of one of the projectiles for 40% damage. Furthermore, because the projectiles come out so close together, they usually all hit the same target doing 40% weapon damage for the entire basic attack.

It’s terrible. I believe it may have been balanced when it could shotgun… but not anymore.

Honestly, I feel like we need a middle ground between the completely no shotgunning now and the OP 100% shotgunning of early alpha. Maybe each subsequent projectile from the same attack does 60% damage of the first? I dunno, spitballing.

Snecko stick is bad though. And it is probably the most common legendary weapon. And every time it drops I am a sad panda.

14 days ago

The Snecko stick’s ability would feel like a legendary ability if the poison bolts actually applied poison, this would combo very well with the poison based relic

12 days ago