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Radiant blast skill deals no dmg#3005

After reaching the tier 1 Bonus:infused enemies the skill stops dealing damage, the animation and dmg number are portrayed normally but the enemies don’t take any actual dmg

2 months ago

I can confirm. Radiant Blast will only do it’s damage if an enemy is already infused after getting the Tier 1 Bonus, making it extremely weak.

2 months ago

We could not reproduce this issue. We need a video or more reproduction steps in order to review this further.

2 months ago
Changed the status to
Bug Needs More Info
2 months ago

Again, when upgraded past the tier 1 bonus which applies a DOT effect the skill will hit the target normally, a dmg number will be shown, the DOT will be applied but the targets health will still remain at a 100% as if they didnt receive initial damage at all.The issue continues when you further upgrade the skill that enemies affected by DOT when they die they don’t explode as intended

2 months ago

I started a new character on Ridiculous to test this and captured some video, but the file size limitations here make it impossible to post. Is there somewhere I can send it?

The result is the same. At level 2 of Radiant Blast, initial skill damage is done. At level 3, DoT damage is applied, but initial skill damage is only done to enemies that alread have the DoT, making it harder to kill enemies once leveled.

I would suggest you test this on Ridiculous as easier difficulties will have the enemies dying to the DoT instantly, making it seem like they were hit by the initial blast. With high crit and damage in the first area, I had this happening to some enemies even on Ridiculous.

2 months ago

Agreed. When you reach tier 1 Radiant Blast deals no initial damage. Note: In my experience this only applies to undamaged enemies. Previously damaged enemies seem to be damaged by Radiant Blast with tier 1.

a month ago