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Wardrobe is missing and i never got the enchantment table tutorial.#2981

playing on xbox one x..i’m into the second act and finally got the wardrobe tutorail option…it saysd build a wardrobe but when i go inot my fort build options it’s no where to be found! i also read i should have been given the enchantment table tutorial in the firsat act but i wasnt!!! This is VERY frustrating as i’m almost level 20 and now i can’t go forward…

17 days ago
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17 days ago

I know where wardrobe should be, but in storage all there is is the dog kennel. No second tab nothing but the dog kennel!

16 days ago

I have the same issue with no second tab. Xbox as rail master level 46 still can’t complete wardrobe quest.

16 days ago

Yes also missing wardrobe

11 days ago