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Game freezes when clicking anything on the title screen.#2943

This appears to be a problem with Razer/Corsair hardware.

If you have a problem with game freezes, please try disabling iCUE or Synapse to see if your problem goes away.

You can also use a controller as an alternative method.

18 days ago
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18 days ago

so this has been the sole reason i cant play. any mouse interaction kills the game. ive tryed with an xbox controller but when i try to back out of a settings menu it hangs and crashes. it also does this when i create a character and try top start the story using the controller. steam tells me i have an hour of game time and all of that has been the game immediatley crashing.

any ideas. i did as stated above shutting of icue and similar types of programs i just dont know what to do next

13 days ago
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5 days ago