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General vendor in town who sells weapons and armor#239

I am honestly missing a general vendor in town who would sell you an assortment of weapons and armor, whos inventory would refresh every hour or so. It would be a good way to sometimes get that one better weapon without throwing out thousands for gambling and not getting an upgrade. As mentioned in the discord chat, the blacksmith would be a great NPC for that.

7 months ago

Yeah, I thought this was weird, too. Only gambler, which isn’t that exciting.

5 months ago

Yep, agree with this 100%

4 months ago

Определённо поддерживаю данную тему , так как толкового НПС в городах с торговлей оружия и шмоток не хватает

4 months ago

There is one, but it sells level 0 crap… I agree 100%, especially with a gold cap, the gambler is just not fun to use and can be very frustrating watching all your gold dissapear in a blink of an eye and still not getting the item you need/want.

The gambler should be used as a chance to get a legendary item or more powerful items. Not as the main gear vendor (only gear vendor).

3 months ago

How about being able to defeat Gorsha an enemy trader who wanders at random on the maps. Of course, if you agree not to kill him… “Please spare Goarsha and let him go!! We will give you big sumpting discount or free random shiny ting!! What you say,Yes?!!”

2 months ago