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More enemy diversity#232


Compared to TL2, TL3 seems to lack enemy diversity. I understand there are themed areas (Goblin, Hyvid…) but still.

In TL2 you could find Bear-men, Ratlings, Beasts, skeletons, spectres, zombies… even on the same map (Temple Stepes to name one)

In TL3 You find more ar less an army of the same enemy kind, and sometimes some “repaints” of previous enemies on different colour. I suggest greatly to increase enemy variety.

a year ago

I completely agree. I feel like at all levels, from trash mobs to big bosses, enemy mechanics seem repetitive. And so are their vocalizations (re: wideload…. holy lord, I get it, you’re angry…)

a year ago

yeah I was really dissapointed when I encountered “purple wideload” in the 3rd act. Even the arena was the same shape and disposition with a different veneer over top.

At the very least there should be skeleton versions of goblins, vultura, and hivid.

10 months ago

I agree as well. Just se how many spider-like creatures we have. Compared to TL2, TL3 seems empty…

9 months ago