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Game crashed when pluggin in headphones#2286

What the Title says, I plugged in my headphones while the game was running, and the game crashed.

2 months ago

Can you tell us what type of headphones you are using? We all use headphones and haven’t received a crash while playing. We need more info like logs to be able to review this issue further.

2 months ago
Changed the status to
Bug Needs More Info
2 months ago

I submitted my logs and headphone info to the email.

2 months ago

@echtra_bean I figured out how to reproduce this issue. I can get the game to crash everytime when I do the following.

Crash Reproduction Steps

This seems to be related to Spirit Well skill for Dusk Mage and Machineworks Dungeon in Act 3.

  • Start game without headphones plugged in to computer

  • Log in with lvl 38 Dusk Mage

  • Take Waypoint to Perilous Climb in Act 3

  • Go to Machineworks Dungeon (can only get it to crash here so far)

  • Cast Level 10 Spirit Well to summon minons

  • Plug in headphones to computer, and the game stutters

  • Try and move the character while game is stuttering, and the game will crash.

I can only reproduce this issue after I cast the Spirit Well skill and while in the Machineworks Dungeon. I tried to carsh the game in the same manner without Spirit Well minions and in other dungeons, and could not crash the game. The game still stutters, but was able to recover.

2 months ago

I can also now crash the game after I take the waypoint to Machineworks dungeon. If I stand on the waypoint after arriving to the dungeon, and plug in my headphones, the game crahses every time. No skills are cast.

2 months ago

Could also crash the game after taking waypoints to other dungeons such as Fields of Unrest and the Grand Hall, and plugging in headphones while standing on those dungeons waypoints.

2 months ago

Same issue for me.
If I start game without headphones plugged in and then go to plug them in 3 times I just got no audio with game, twice the game just froze and I had to force close.
Duplicate of archived issue #1034

2 months ago