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Pet not attacking nor using most of skills.#219


I realized my pet is using only 1 of all selected skills, is not even using its regular attack. Sometimes it doesn´t uses any skill at all.

6 months ago

some type of pets has behavior issues, for example : lazy wolfs

6 months ago

Shasta not taunting according to cooldown

5 months ago

Pet just stands there, not attacking or using any equipped ability (except the aura) even when being attacked by mobs. Is there any pet AI setting that I seem to have missed?

5 months ago
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In Progress
5 months ago
Merged wolf pet#692
5 months ago
Merged Wolf Pet#640
5 months ago

I few more abilities could also be beneficial:)

4 months ago

I suffered this bug after I get a wolf and switch to it, even I switch back to my original pet, it won’t attack nor use any skill.

4 months ago

Same, I got a wolf pet now pets don’t work… annoying

4 months ago

please fix pets.

4 months ago

Same here. I’m using the wolf currently and he only ever uses his aura. No other skills. Also, just lays down most of the time during mob fights and NEVER attacks. He even stays laying down while getting attacked.

4 months ago
Merged Pets dont react.... come on..#1464
3 months ago

From MrOmega#0917

My Maw and my Pet decided to do absolutely nothing during the boss fight… WTH…

MapWorks MapScroll_Electric 60 -2116874139
Instance: volturavillage_boss_b
TeleportPlayer 5826.00, 4083.00, -649.00
yaw: 0deg
Monster level range: Level: 60
Area Dungeon: DungeonChallengeNone 0 0
Build:92807 Content:92910 Env:tl3 Release:none
AccountID: YTMrOmega (925db1a5-cc3b-11ea-91cf-82da42d45d37)
Platform: Steam (76561198211997968)
SessionID: 6eea7bd9-9f97-4f2d-bbc5-bca6d8750436
CharacterID: cef1075e-cc3c-11ea-9292-eebd9a54e19f
CharacterName: MrOmegaOnYT
CharacterLevel: 60.0 - Ridiculous - Softcore
Player Dungeon: None None 0 - seed 0 (highest: 24)
PartyID: 78664d17-8074-4919-aa72-a1510156afd8
Connection: Open:, ZID: 2785fde200000e8a
854s world time
39ms ping
Language: en, Region: us-east

3 months ago

Still regularly seeing pets not attack elites or bosses. Seems to be when they cast that purple pool.

2 months ago
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2 months ago