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Don't reset the map unless I am ready.#1645

I hate when the map resets and I am not ready for it yet. I will be exploring an area and then warp to the fort and go back to the area and have to start from scratch. I will pay you $100 extra for my game if you give me the option to only reset the map when I want the map to reset. Don’t reset it if I have to go the bathroom or warp to my base. It’s tedious to re-explore an area if I don’t want to just yet. In a perfect world no map, not even the dungeon would be reset until I hit a reset button. I am often confused if I have even been to an area and it’s starting to feel like a homework assignment to remember if I have already been to the area I am exploring.

10 months ago

we’ve had that topic already here -> #1039 , too.
I really agree with you over 9000%!!
I even sometimes did not recognize I was already in that area.. all work seems to be lost when the map is reset :(

10 months ago
Merged into Please don't reset the map#1039
9 months ago