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Some Fort flooring should be above others.#161

Rugs / carpets should go over other types of flooring like Wood Planks.

7 months ago

To add to this, I think all decor (objects) should be placed on top of the various new flooring options. Increase their default height by ‘one’ if placed on a designated flooring object.

4 months ago
Merged Flooring Covering Fort Decorations#2134
4 months ago

For me it is not even about the flooring, would love to see a option to enable clipping items (current behavior) and stacking items. To place candles on tables or for example a bucket on top of a well.

3 months ago
Merged Layering in fort with floors issue#2473
3 months ago
Merged Things clip floor tiles in fort#3179
2 months ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
18 days ago

seriously? why is THIS “in progress” when their are so many bugs still in the game?

9 days ago

Sometimes, it pays to bundle similar work together. This issue could potentially be solved by ongoing work in a related- or underlying system.

TL;DR: It’s probably complicated, and my guess is this is what they’re able to do with this development sprint.

9 days ago