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Let players chose their character's starting skill#1280

This could be done by adding another option in character creation screen, just after customizing the looks, a check button for a starting skill.
So that if you create a Forged, for example, you could chose between Rapid Fire and Rapid Strikes and so on… instead of having your first skill assigned automaticaly to rapid fire. The choice would be set between those two starting skills instead of just giving a skill point to spend @lvl 1 to keep new players from going straight into something that can’t be used right away, like a venting skill.

a year ago

that is a great and simple idea that not only I upvoted it but needed to comment here too!
There’s also the possibility that if we have our first skill pre-assigned, then we should start with a Respectacle right away in case we don’t want that skill.

a year ago

Good lord yes please. They want our character builds to matter… so they spend our first point for us. ><

a year ago
Merged into Don't Spend My First Skill Point#997
a year ago

not that worth now you have respectacle

8 months ago