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Pets buy potions#1046

TL2 allowed pets to get potions from town when they sold gear. Any intent on bring this back. potion drops are decent but sometimes they are not enough.

4 months ago

I agree that this should be brought back too. I loved that the pets could buy potions for you and use spell scrolls u chose. I miss that.

4 months ago

OMG THIS THIS THIS! I miss this being a thing! Having a mini shopping list for your pet was exactly one of my favorite things about TL2!

3 months ago

This plus maybe add more functionality

-Pet sell items and buy potions
-Pet send items to sacrifice to Luck Tree
-Pet send items to dismantle in Enchanters Alar
-+dmg type either frost/fire/bleed/poision/electric based on chosen relic

2 months ago

I truly believe the pets are not mentally capable of doing this. Once the ferrets arrive they’re smart I bet they can do tasks other than stand in a rock and fart.

2 months ago

I want all of Brian Cortez’s suggestions.

a month ago

Yes, THIS!!!
It was a great feature in TL2. Please bring it back!

I want to support Brian’s suggestions, too.

14 days ago

So much work has been out into the pets already so this would really make them perfect. It takes me out of the flow to port back to simply buy a few potions. Getting a pet to complete “busy work” like this (as well as sending to luck tree, etc) would keep me playing for longer and allow me to immerse myself all the more!

8 days ago