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Please don't reset the map#1039

I would greatly like to be able to see the areas I’ve already discovered on the minimap.
The minimap resets and becomes dark and unvisible every time I quit the game.
My sincere apologies if it’s supposed to be this way.

10 months ago

its suposed to be this way

10 months ago

Oh, all right then.
Thanks for the info :)

10 months ago

thanks for merging my topic here. even if it’s meant like this now.. I would really appreciate it if the map was NOT reset at anytime.

10 months ago

My post was Merged with this one and I disagree with it. I believe areas should definitly be reset if they are left to go to other areas where enemies can be killed and what not. But if I use my portal to go to town to sell me bags and maybe step out to go to the bathroom, when I use my portal to go back into the action it should not change the area.

9 months ago

I think it’s totally fine if, on the next logon, all monsters and collectibles etc. reappear, but I don’t want my progress to be deleted. I mean, they could at least let the areas that I uncovered already, be displayed forever :(

9 months ago

But I agree with you to the extend that when using portals, areas should not be reset.
Maybe on singleplayer mode at least they could remove the reset of the maps.
At least in TL2 uncovered areas were always stored.

9 months ago

My suggestion for the minimap would be:

Area I’ve never set foot in: completely dark
Area uncovered on my previous run: gray, but allows me to see
Area uncovered on my current run: no filter

This way, I’d never get lost exploring, or become confused on my progress.

Sorry if my English is not making any sense.

9 months ago

that would be just perfect! just exactly as you described it :)

9 months ago
Merged Don't reset the map unless I am ready.#1645
8 months ago
Merged into Please add a "Reset Instance" feature.#72
7 months ago

I’m generally fine with having the map reset when I close the game (which is how many ARPGs handle it), although I did appreciate how Torchlight 2 saved pretty much everything.

However, please don’t reset the map of an outdoor area WHILE I CLEAR A DUNGEON. This is such a ludicrous decision to me. I generally like to fully explore every area I enter in games like this one, but Torchlight 3 makes this a completely fruitless task.

4 months ago