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Add more Variety to Loot#1035

For what i have seen Blue items add only passives that don’t give so much depth for making builds. I think the game would benefit from blue gearsets(there were a lot of them in TL2) or items that add more unique effects (like Legendaries). I think also that you should introduce more Legendary items to the game, as a railmaster i have only 14 items for my class

a year ago

@Daniele Petracca They are definitely going to add more Legendaries.

a year ago

I think they should change it so any item blue or above can roll with legendary properties and the actual rarity of items just determines how many affixes it rolls with.

I would also like to see more item rarities. A rarity beyond orange that is SUPER rare to drop. Kind of like a bragging rights kind of item.

a year ago

I agree on more Setitems, also on blue rarity. But since legendarys can have complete random stats, you have your super rare weapon already, one legendary with dmg stats only. No need for a new colour.

8 months ago